Uniform (as of 07/2023)

Any questions regarding uniform pieces should be directed to Vivan Dearden at deardan@msn.com or 801-388-3857.

    Class A Uniform
  • Kilt with WDPB Kilt Pin
  • Shirt (white, oxford, button down collar, long-sleeved)
  • Necktie (WDPB red)
  • Waistcoat Vest (Black)
  • Hose (G2-Lovat Blue, G4-Charcoal, G5-Charcoal)
  • Flashes (G2-Black, G4-Red, G5-Black)
  • Ghillie Brogue Shoes
  • Sporran
  • Glengarry with WDPB Cap Badge

    Class B (Hot Weather) Uniform
  • Kilt with WDPB Kilt Pin
  • Belt with WDPB buckle
  • Shirt (light stone/blue, short-sleeved)
  • Necktie (WDPB blue)
  • Hose (light gray)
  • Flashes (black)
  • Ghillie Brogue Shoes
  • Sporran
  • Glengarry with WDPB Cap Badge

Class A and Class B for all bands
We have our kilts made-to-measure for each member of the band, from a bolt of MacTavish tartan cloth woven specifically for our band. Expect the cost for your kilt to be $625-650. To be measured for a kilt, you must pay the band a deposit of $150 towards the cost of the kilt. You will receive the kilt after it has been made (approx. 6-10 weeks) and the full cost of the kilt has been paid. Please contact Leisel at leiselshupe@gmail.com or 801-645-6463 for information on when the next kilt order will be initiated.
Youth kilts are the Thomson Camel tartan, and can be ordered at any time directly from the kilt maker. For instructions on ordering youth kilts, see this document.

Class B only for all bands
J. Higgins Kilt Belt w/o Buckle, Pebble Grained 2-1/4"

Class A for all bands
For the Class A uniform, we wear a white long-sleeve button-down collar oxford shirt. These can be found at just about any clothing retailer. Please make sure to choose the heavier weight oxford weave, and not the popular lightweight cloth.
Class B for all bands
For the Hot Weather (Class B) uniform, the bands will wear a specific short-sleeve button-down collar shirt in light stone/light blue color. These can be found online with a search for "Port Authority Short Sleeve Easy Care Shirt". The styles are L508 for Ladies and S508 for Men and the color is Light Stone/Light Blue.

Class A for all bands
Red WDPB tie.

Class B for all bands
Blue WDPB tie.

The band orders our ties custom-made in bulk. You can get the ties from Vivian for $12.

Waistcoat Vest
Class A only for all bands
Order here: J. Higgins Waistcoats (Choose Black)

For youth sizes, you can search "boys' formal suit vest" on Amazon.com and find a solid black vest in your youth's size. Another youth vest option is from WebstaurantStore.com

If you want to have the special Scottish vest buttons on your youth vest, you can purchase them from J. Higgins and attach them yourself.

Grade 2 Class A
Lovat Blue

Grades 4 & 5 Class A

Class B for all bands
Light Gray

Order here: J. Higgins Pipe Band Hose

Grades 2 & 5 Class A

Grade 4 Class A

Class B for all bands

Order here: J. Higgins Flashes

Ghillie Brogue Shoes
Class A and Class B for all bands
At this time, purchase these wherever you can find your size. Until you get yourself a pair, you may use plain black dress shoes.

Class A and Class B for all bands
(Choose one of the following)
J. Higgins Budget Sporran with Chain
J. Higgins Semi-Dress Sporran without Chain
J. Higgins Chain for Semi-Dress Sporran

Class A and Class B for all bands
Order here: J. Higgins Black Glengarry (Choose Red Pom)

Kilt Pins and Cap Badges
Class A and Class B for all bands
Custom WDPB kilt pins and cap badges are available through Vivian for $7.50 each.

This article of the uniform is optional, but highly recommended, especially for those in grades 2 and 3. Science says if everyone in the band brings their raincape to a games, it will not rain. If ONE person doesn't have a raincape, it will downpour all day. Bandspec Raincape

Bag Cover
The band uses a black pipe bag cover embroidered with our logo, ordered and made in Canada. There will be email communication for a group order for these. Expect ~$90.