Travel Information and Policies

Updated 01/31/2020 (outdated)

If you have travel questions you can contact Angie at or text her at 801-913-5178.

If you leave any questions blank the form will not allow you to submit it. There are two pages of questions, answer all the questions please.

For Costa Mesa, this form will be open until Thur, Feb 6 2020
Go here: Travel Registration Form

2020 Travel Dates
May 22-25 - Costa Mesa, CA - Grade 3, Grade 4 - Driving rental vans Fri-Mon
June 13-14 - Utah Games - Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 - Local; no travel
June 11-14 - Chicago, IL - Grade 2 - Flying Thur-Sun
July 10-11 - Payson Games - Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 - Local; no travel
July 23-27 - Enumclaw, WA - Grade 2 - Driving rental vans Fri-Mon
Sept 4-7 - Pleasanton, CA - Grade 3, Grade 4 - Driving rental vans Fri-Mon

Travel Policy
The grade 2, 3, & 4 bands travel to out of town contests.

Travel arrangements are generally coordinated by the band if you stay in the band’s hotel and if you choose to utilize the same transportation as the rest of the group. The band WILL NOT make arrangements for you if you choose other lodging or transportation methods.

Prior to the games, you will receive an email from the travel coordinator requesting certain information from you. You must respond to the request by the deadline provided in order to be included in the travel arrangements.

Hotel costs are covered for playing members of the band for one night at one-day games and two nights at two-day games. If you choose to stay an additional night, you will be charged for 1/4 of the hotel room cost. Members who request their own room will be charged 3/4 of the cost of the room and the full cost of the room for the extra night. If a band member couple is in the room, you will be charged for 1/2 the cost of the room and the full cost of the room for the extra night.

Rental car costs are paid by the band for playing members. Fuel costs and parking costs for those vehicles are covered by the band as well. Unless the vehicle is provided with a credit card or cash to cover these items, you might be reimbursed a portion of expenses that you incur for the fuel and parking should you have to pay. Clear, legible receipts should be turned into the treasurer. The amount will either be applied to your account balance or you will receive a check for reimbursement.

Soloists may also attend and travel with the band to out of town games for solo competitions. However, account balances must be paid current prior to the games. Soloists are expected to participate in massed bands and assist in set up/take down of band tents, assist with lunch preparation, and other items with the band. Soloists will be responsible for paying $25 per night for the hotel, 1/4 of the hotel room cost for the optional additional night, and $25 for a seat in the rental vehicle. Soloists from the Grade 5 band are exempt from these extra soloist costs.

Non playing guests who travel with the band will pay 1/4 of the hotel room cost and 1/6 of the rental vehicle cost for the full trip.

For games that require flights, members will be required to pay a portion of the airfare. This amount will be determined and disclosed during planning for such trips.

The band typically provides lunches for travel games at a cost of $6 per person, per day. This is significantly cheaper and healthier than food options already available at the games. Also, if the band has a pizza party on the last night of the trip, each person wanting pizza is asked to contribute $5 towards that cost.

Members that choose to travel separately from the band should arrange their plans to ensure full participation in all band rehearsals and activities. (Friday flash, closing massed bands, etc.). Families and friends may travel as guests with the band. Members may leverage a band trip into vacation travel, but band events must be prioritized over other activities.

Minors traveling with the group will be required to submit release forms prior to travel.