Uniform (as of 07/2018)

Any questions regarding uniform pieces should be directed to Kylene Tanner at quartermaster@wdpb.org

J. Higgins Black Glengarry (Choose Red Pom)

J. Higgins Waistcoats (Choose Black)

We wear a white long-sleeve button-down collar oxford shirt. These can be found at just about any clothing retailer. Please make sure to choose the heavier weight oxford weave, and not the popular lightweight linen weave.

We wear a red custom tie. Please contact your band leadership for information on who can get you a tie. The cost is $15.

Sporran (Choose one of the following)
J. Higgins Budget Sporran with Chain
J. Higgins Semi-Dress Sporran without Chain
J. Higgins Chain for Semi-Dress Sporran

We have our kilts made-to-measure for each member of the band. To be measured for a kilt, you must pay $150 down towards the cost of the kilt. You will receive the kilt after it has been made (approx. 3 months) and the full cost of the kilt has been paid, expect about $550 in total. Please contact Carrie Abner at gentryncarrie@aol.com to get measured and to get your kilt ordered.
For instructions on ordering youth kilts, please ask Carrie Abner.

Grade 2 wears black flashes with the blue hose. Grade 3 wears red flashes with the charcoal hose. Grade 4 wears ancient blue flashes with the charcoal hose. Grade 5 wears black flashes with the charcoal hose. J. Higgins Flashes (Grade 2 & Grade 5, choose Black. Grade 3, choose Red. Grade 4, choose Ancient Blue.)

Hose (Please check with Kylene prior to ordering, she may have stock on hand)
J. Higgins Pipe Band Hose (Grade 2, choose Lovat Blue. Grades 4 & 5, choose Charcoal)

Ghillie Brogue Shoes
At this time, purchase these wherever you can find your size. Grade 5 may use plain black dress shoes.

Kilt Pins and Cap Badges (Optional, unless required by your section leader)
Custom kilt pins and cap badges are available through Kylene for $7.50 each.