WDPB Advancement Process

To be considered for advancement, you should be in good standing with your current band (all required tunes learned, good attendance record, etc.).

Players wishing to advance will audition for the desired band's P/M or D/S by playing the Audition Tunes outlined below. If the P/M or D/S feels you are ready, you will be re-graded. If not, they will help you know what you need to work on in order to become prepared.

Once re-graded, you may begin rehearsing with the group, but must learn(memorize) all of the Minimum Required Tunes outlined below before you compete or perform with the group.

Grade 5 Band:
Audition Tunes: Any of the marches from the G5 QMM
Minimum Required Tunes: G5 QMM, G5 MSM

Grade 4 Band:
Audition Tunes: Strathspey and Jig from the G4 Medley
Minimum Required Tunes: G4 MMSR, March-in, March-out
Equipment Needed: Purchase your major uniform pieces (kilt, shirt, tie, vest, socks, glengarry, flashes)

Grade 2 Band:
Audition Tunes: MSR (either a G3 band MSR, or one of your choice)
Minimum Required Tunes: G3 MSR, Medley, March-in(s), March-out(s)
Equipment Needed: Full Uniform (Band-matched Sporran, Ghillie Brogues)

    Here are a few recommendations to help you work towards advancement:

  1. Private Instruction - The band has several private instructors, and there are also many world-class teachers available via skype. There is no better way to solidify your fundamentals than studying privately with a good tutor.

  2. Compete in Solo Contests - Preparing for and competing in solo contests is a great way for you to grow your ability and gain confidence in your playing while getting feedback from experts.

  3. Talk to your current P/M or D/S about your goals, and they will help you know what you need to work on to prepare for the next level.