"Buy a drum" program

The Wasatch & District Pipe Band is growing both in membership and demands on current equipment.
In order to compete at the highest levels of performance, we are in need of new drums for our 2020 competition season.

As a sponsor, you’ll receive:
· Your business recognized at concerts in the park and other events throughout the year.
· Your name or your business name printed on the sponsorship section of our website.
· A certificate of thanks and recognition that can be displayed to acknowledge your support.

When you sponser a drum, you will be supporting an organization that represents Utah at the highest level.
Please review the participation form at the link below and help us make this happen!

Our current drums will be handed down to other pipe bands within the Wasatch & District teaching programs.

Complete and submit the PARTICIPATION FORM. A link to securely donate online via PayPal will be provided upon form completion.

WDPB Drummers - Enumclaw 2017